Pride comes before destruction

Crying is not a sign of weakness, it was once quoted that Real Men Cry. That also applies to women. Everyone has their moments of alone time when they are their true selves and cry and ask why. But put on a mask when they are around others..Mask of Strength, Mask of Pride, Mask of Self Confidence, Mark of Prosperity, Mask of I have it all together!. But it is just a mask..Instead of turning to God and casting their cares on him they turn to the world…Covering up hurt with a temporary fix like alcohol, drugs, fornication and all types of immorality. So yes, the easy way out..but it does not last because as soon as it wears off they are back to their torn reality. Reality of being lost, not fitting in but using a mask to cover up who they really are. It does not not mean people do not believe in God because they more than likely do..They are just rejecting Him. Rejecting His Love, His Grace, His Peace, His Salvation. Simply because they do not want to be vulnerable and reveal who they really are how they really feel…PRIDE comes before destruction…That is what it sums up to.


About Sister Barlow

Hello I am Sister Candice Barlow, I am a 30 year old wife of a amazing man. Pastor Rodney Barlow. He is the Pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Independence, Mo. God has brought us here to this city for Such a Time As This! We have two wonderful boys that have a love for adventure and a passion for life!
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