Opps, you got stepped on!

Poodle-Sales-PupOne of my all time FAVORITE Dogs is a poodle! I grew up having poodles in the house. They are wonderful pets! It is a known phrase that “a dog is a mans best friend.” I totally understand the concept behind that expression! My dog, like most dogs, LOVED me so much regardless of any flaws or faults I had. When I was sad, she cheered me up, when I was grumpy she gave me kisses, when I was happy she was right there with me. There have been many times when my poor unsuspecting sweetheart of a dog had been on the floor and I stepped off my bed right onto her… YIKES!! I would hear a big howl and then immediately she would forgive me and start loving on me again. It did not matter how many times I accidentally stepped on her she would always forgive and love on me again! She knew who I was to her the majority of the time.


In life people, yes even family and friends, will let you down. Yes we will get stepped on every once and a while. Sometimes they can’t help it and sometimes they could have helped it but choose not to. Don’t be so quick to get angry, like my husband would say we need to give people a little, “space for grace“…in other words the benefit of the doubt. I am not saying let people walk on us all the time and not stand up for ourselves by any means. But rather, we can’t judge a person off of one action when we know who they have always been to us in our lives.

The bible says in John 15:12 “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.

So, How does God show His love for us, He forgives…He gives us room to error and correct it. We need to show that same love to our brothers and sisters and you will get it in return!

Luke 6:31 says “And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.”

So People lets all grow in God together and give a little space for grace!


About Sister Barlow

Hello I am Sister Candice Barlow, I am a 38 year old wife of a amazing man. Pastor Rodney Barlow. He is the Pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Independence, Mo. God has brought us here to this city for Such a Time As This! We have two wonderful boys that have a love for adventure and a passion for life!
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